The only way to know if a child needs speech therapy services is to have the child participate in a full speech and language evaluation.  The SLP will choose and administer tests based on the initial concerns of the parent.  The results of the evaluation are based on the standardized scores achieved on the tests, SLP observation, and parent report.  An evaluation usually takes between 1-2 hours to complete.  A report will be written up and given to the parent and pediatrician. 

 If therapy is recommended, the SLP and parent will decide on a good time for sessions.  Therapy is usually conducted at the same time each week.  The frequency of sessions depends on the severity of the disorder.

On the right is a sound development chart from the ASHA website.  Please feel free to use this a guide to determine whether your child might benefit from a speech evaluation.

-Kristi Chamberlain M.A. CCC-SLP (Speech Pathologist in Yorktown, VA)